The  best way to get to know us is to come along to one of our services - you will not be embarrassed in any way.


Fernley Road Christian Centre was for many years known as Boundary Street Mission. This reflected its origin as a breakfast mission for homeless and impoverished people. The Mission later developed into a Church, adopting the name Boundary Street Evangelical Church. We are an independent evangelical Church, associated with the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches.


Some years ago the local authority changed the name of part of Boundary Street which included the Church to Banastre Road. As a result, the name of the Church became misleading and caused some folk difficulty in finding the building. In addition, some people in the area had difficulty understanding the term "Evangelical Church."  It is hoped that "Fernley Road Christian Centre" will not only pinpoint the Church's location, making us easier to find, but will also cause less confusion and misunderstanding to local non-Church-goers.